Thursday, August 23, 2012

Class Location

We have a new location!
This facility will be a farther drive for some and much shorter drive for others, therefore, the location distance is a wash.

It's on the west side of N Meridian St. south of 465. The address is:

   Prather Wellness Center
   8902 N Meridian St., Ste 101

   Indpls. 46260

Monday, Aug. the 27th., 2012 was our last class at the Earth House. Monday, September 10, 2012 was our first class at the Prather Wellness Center and we found the new facility to be awesome.

Huge thanks the Dr. Bob for making this space available to us!

To answer Katrina's below; Please come by on a Monday Wednesday at 6:30. That question and more will become resolved.


  1. My mother and I are interested in trying a class out. We are total beginners.

    Is the information on this post still current? And is it more appropriate for us to arrive for the Chi Kung or Wudang Mountain Tai Chi Class?

    1. My reply is very late, but yes, the info in this blog is being maintained.

      Neither class is tiring so there is no reason to skip one or the other.

  2. Please come on Monday at 6:30p. After attending your first class, this and many more questions will be answered.

  3. Katrina, We'd love to have you at our Wednesday class.