Sunday, May 8, 2011

Home Practice

During practice, you should pay great attention to all of the details.  Be especially careful about the application of internal components – shen, yi, qi, and jin with your movements.
You should concentrate on relaxing and making the movements smooth

                                                              Ju Ming Sculpture

According to the Daoist wuxing principle, when one stands stable and centered, one becomes like the earth.  Everything comes from the earth, so the four basic skills are generated. Traditionally, the following attributes are ascribed according to wuxing:  peng in north, its attribute is water; lu in south, its attribute is fire;  ji in east, its attribute is wood; and an in west, its attribute is metal. In this way the four basic tactics correspond to the primary Bagua, where peng is kan; lu is li; ji is zhen; and an is dui.  Accordingly, the technical attributes of the skills must follow their corresponding principles. 
The Song Of Push Hands

Practice the form, really really slowly, and feel that alignment, feel that connection to the ground ... If you are using shoulder tension, it is incorrect. You did it right if it feels like you didn't do anything. - Ian Sinclair
Chi Gong

The following description serves as a reminder. One would have to attend class to understand the complete movement.

Begin Qi Gong
1. Yi: Wuji
2. Er: Arms circled in front (tree hugger)
3. San: Arms extended overhead
4. Si: Traffic Cop
5. Wu: Kidneys
6. Lyio: Palms facing up on knees
7. Chi: Palms facing down on knees
8. Ba: Chi Washing
End Qi Gong

In the Spring of 2018, Instructor Mike added the "Healing Chi Gung."

Here is a video depicting a bunch of our QiGung 5 Animal form.

Ji Ben Gung
(Warm Up Exercises)

The following exercise description serves as a reminder and the counts are a recommended minimum. One would have to attend class to understand the complete movement.

1) Waist Rotations, 40
   A.  Arms gliding at your side
   B.  Rear arm back behind your head, 40
   C.  (Same as A.) Waist Rotations, 10
2) Angels (AKA. Skis), 50
    Rotate the waist, hands come up at the side and meet over your head

3) Wu Bai (AKA Goose), 500
    Arms up (overhead) palms open. Fingers close to goose heads as they come down 
4) Gua (AKA Wrists), 500
    Hands come up (from the waist) and shield the face. wrists relaxed
5) Elbows, 50
    Elbows clearing across

6) Shoulders: Forward, 40
    Shoulders: Back. 40
    Shoulders: Forward, 5

7) Pancakes, 80
    Pop, flip the pancake and slide it forward
8) Legs, Forward, as if kicking a Hacky Sack, 40
    Legs: Backwards, 40
    Forward, 10
9) Chan Suei (AKA Silk Reeling), 60
      Don't let fall down the ball
10) Bills favorite stretch, 60
      Description escapes us

Wu style additions:

11) Legs Side to side rest on bent knees, 8 bounces each way twice, 32 bounces altogether
12) Tick Tocks
13) I'm a little teapot

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