Saturday, May 7, 2011


Here is some space for students to provide their comments.

I know what Taiji has done to improve the quality of my life (see below). Additionally, I'd like to offer opportunity for others to do the same, so... bring it on folks! Just reply to this post and have at it.


My Health and Well being:

I've been involved in desk jobs for most of my working life. After work, I'd come home, watch TV, and prepare for yet another day. Bla Bla Bla. None of this stimulated my body (obviously) or my mind. I knew that my bones, muscles and tendons were suffering but there was more, something that I couldn't put words to. Challenging the body to move in certain untypical ways, challenging the mind to memorize a choreographed sequence of movements, are both valuable. I needed that, and I needed more, but without the tutelage of a Master trained in internal energy, the need could not be fulfilled, I tasted "it" in Karate school 30 (something) years ago - Chi. Somehow I knew that I needed to stimulate my internal energy flow.

Mr. Bill is the Master that I needed.

Chi is difficult for me to describe, but I know when mine is not flowing properly. When I feel bla, lacking power, or worse - "out of synch", I know I need to do some Chi Gung (energy work).

Through Mr. Bill and the authentic ancient Tai Chi teachings, I've learned how to keep myself strong externally and most importantly internally. Now, as an Assistant Instructor, I'm able to help others find this in their own lives as well.

Further, internal organs can be stimulated (benefited) by Chi Gung in ways that nothing else can. This is not something that I can feel in daily life, but I know its there and fully expect it to increase my longevity and quality of life. Update: Now, I do feel Chi moving through me as I perform certain motions.


  1. "He who is fixed on a star does not change his mind." - Leonardo Da Vinci

    In a world full of deadlines to be met, goals to accomplish, and rewards to be reaped, it can be a tough to unwind at the end of the day. You may find your body tensed and your mind fixed on excess thoughts from the week. To focus all of your energy on one thought leaves no space to be aware of other thoughts. Therefore, if your mind is fixed, you are unaware of the tenseness of your body.

    As a musician, this concept comes up a lot while playing for long periods of time. I may be fixed on my fingers or the sound while being unaware of how my posture is affecting it. This activity can be twice as hard after a long day at work. Since becoming a student of Taiji, I have learned to be more aware of my thoughts and body which has allowed me to be more relaxed. This state of relaxation has played a role in my improvement with learning music as well as my work and overall happiness.

    Bill is a wonderful teacher and is very knowledgeable with a good sense of humor. I would recommend this class to anyone seeking relaxation, knowledge in the martial sciences and a mindset that can transcend into other aspects of life.