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Videos we like to watch

During class from time-to-time, certain videos are mentioned either by students or instructors. This space will be used to post links so we may all enjoy them. Have fun!

Note: Some things presented in these videos may be referred to as 'how not to' in class.

Little girl gets it right!
Big guy gets it wrong.

Master Yuan's site:

Origin of  Tai Chi

The Tao of Pooh

Zhan Zhuang

INSIDE ZHAN ZHUANG 1 The Nuts and Bolts of Standing Meditation

INSIDE ZHAN ZHUANG 1b The Nuts and Bolts of Standing Meditation

INSIDE ZHAN ZHUANG 1c The Nuts and Bolts of Standing Meditation

INSIDE ZHAN ZHUANG The Nuts and Bolts of Standing Meditation 2

INSIDE ZHAN ZHUANG - The Nuts and Bolts of Standing Meditation 3

This is one reason to practice Zahn Zhuang



 Back Exercises:

Foot Work/Kicking



China Tai Chi Sword - Wudang Taiji Sword


The moment Wuji becomes Taiji


Relaxing in Tai Chi, The Inner Meanings: Energy Arts

Ted Talk explains why Mr. Bill always tells us to relax: (45 Minutes)

Bruce Frantz Taiji Tips series


Energy Arts:

Peng (inflate - ward off), Lu (pull - roll back), Gi (press, squeeze), An (push)

26 Section Lesson 3 Preview - "Peng, Pivot & Pelvis Power"

Tai Chi Daily - 14 minute Tai Chi Routine

Tai Chi Secret Movements, Peng, Lu, Ji & An With Master Hiu

Peng Lu Ji An Part 1

Peng Lu Ji An Part 2

The Four Energies of Tai Chi


Hoy Chi: 

Increase Your Ability for Self Healing - Qi - Chi - Xi

226 CHI or KI Development Meditation 1 (Lots of stuff in this channel)

Similar to our Five Animal Qi Gong Form

Increase Your Ability for Self Healing

Ji Ben Gung

Energy Gates Three Swings and Taoist Spine Stretch


Meditation -- Pushups For Your Mind:

Chi Demonstration

Blindfolded Sparing


Traditional Wudang Kungfu Basics 武当传统训练

Wudang Gong Li Training

Using Core Muscles

Michael Wong - Tai Chi Combat Part 01

Exercise Ball

Push Hands:


Fajin (Fajing) Exercises of The Pre-Heaven Power Method (Fun to watch!)


Liu Huanjun

Elbows Down - Teaching Moments with Sifu Adam Mizner

Hwa and Fa - Seven Point Push - Sifu Adam Mizner

Heaven Man Earth Taiji: Knowing

Tai Chi fighting strategy

Tai Chi Tuishou (Push Hands) Lesson 2 - Part 1

Tai Chi Tuishou (Push Hands) Lesson 2 - Part 2

Tai Chi Tuishou - Rend, Pluck, and training well together.

Tai Chi pushing hands "Tuishou" ( push hands )

Wudang Push Hands Tournament

Cheng Man Ching -Push hands



Master Chen demonstrates applications:

COMBAT TAI CHI - Chen Style Taiji Quan Fighting Techniques - 陈式 太极拳

Beaten by a (Tai Chi) girl Pt 1:

Beaten by a (Tai Chi) girl Pt 2:

Chin Na

Breaking Stuff:

Block breaking tips


Xingyi Foundation Training, Lesson 1

How to San Ti

Benefits of Hsing Yi San Ti

Master Yuan

5 Elements 12 Styles
2 man drills

This guy reminds me of Mr. Bill a LOT!


35 minute documentary about the Yang System

FULL TAI CHI 24 TUTORIAL ( THE THEORY , THE FORM) (Skip the blank spots)

Michael Wong; Short Form

24 Short Form


Wu Dang (Can't understand the dialog but it's worth the click)

Wudang Movie


Yes, it is a guitar video. Claus has gone to great lengths to master his craft.



Chinese Action Movies Wu Dang (2012) Vincent full Movie English Subtitles

Tai Chi Zero - Full Chinese movie 720 p HD [Eng-sub]

Secret Of Tai Chi 1985 Full movie


I coppied the following from HERE

The 13 Postures of Tai Chi:
The 13 Postures is the foundation of Tai Chi Chuan. Without the 13 Postures there is neither the Chuan (form) nor the push-hands. These 13 postures were derived from the Eight Trigrams (the first 8 postures - energies) and the Five Elements (the last 5 postures - steps). The 13 postures are:
  1. Peng (ward-off)
  2. Lu (roll-back)
  3. Chi (press)
  4. An (push)
  5. Tsai (pull-down)
  6. Lieh (split)
  7. Chou (elbow strike)
  8. Kao (shoulder strike)
  9. Chin (advance)
  10. Tui (retreat)
  11. Ku (look left)
  12. Pan (look right)
  13. Ting (center)
The 13 Principles of Tai Chi:
The 13 principles must execute the mind, chi, and physical movement in one unit. This means that when the mind is focused on a specific area of the body, the chi will flow into that area. When the chi flows into an area, power will follow.
  1. Sinking of Shoulders and Dropping of Elbows
  2. Relaxing of Chest and Rounding of Back
  3. Sinking Chi down to Dan Tien
  4. Lightly Pointing Up the Head
  5. Relaxation of Waist and Hip
  6. Differentiate Between Empty and Full: Yin and Yang
  7. Coordination of Upper and Lower Parts of the Body
  8. Using the Mind Instead of Force
  9. Harmony Between Internal and External
  10. Connecting the Mind and the Chi
  11. Find Stillness Within Movement
  12. Movement and Stillness Present at Once
  13. Continuity and Evenness Throughout the Form
The T'ai Chi Ch'uan Classics Translated by Lee N. Scheele

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