Saturday, October 28, 2017

On Longevity

Think over carefully what the final purpose is:
to lengthen life and maintain youth.
 Translation - Lee Scheele,

Indiana Tai Chi Academy is now offering one-on-one, and group training for the elderly.

We have been asked on several occasions to teach Tai Chi to elderly people. Until recently, nothing has come of it. In early October 2017, Instructor Mike began instructing an older gentleman at an Indy nursing home cottage. While this gentleman has both good and bad days, overall, the results have been helping him progress towards a personal goal: he wants to stand up by himself and and go for a walk outside without falling. Tai Chi practice is perfectly suited for this goal and together we pursue this with patience and as much gusto as he can generate.

Foundations to Tai Chi include balance, postures, breathing, and movement. Instructor Mike's wish is that he could go back in time with several loved ones. He wants to teach them all to stand without falling, to strengthen the bones, tendons, and muscles, and to breathe properly. It is sad that to have a family history of people falling, breaking something, contracting pneumonia, and then leaving us.

With that in mind, please feel free to refer us to people who could benefit from Tai Chi practice.

While, our hearts are for the elderly, due to the time requirement and emotional involvement, we are not able to provide this training at no cost.

There  will be more to say on this topic as time progresses so check back.

Update: This link goes to a short (6 minute) video on YouTube discussing longevity: 

We should think that Hoosiers would want this healing in addition to the benefits of Tai Chi mentioned above.

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