Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 All-School Campout

The date for the next All-School Camping extravaganza has been determined!

July 24 - 26 has been "carved into stone" as the date, so we still have plenty of time to begin prepping our gear and making plans.

Watch this space for more details as they become available.

Join Sifu Bill, the assistant instructors, and class at:McCormick's Creek State Park campground for the weekend. There will be time for relaxing, socializing, and best of all... training!
Students, and their family are welcome to begin preparing. Bulky items may be stored at Bill's house up to a week in advance. The set up crew will haul it to the campground for you.
Thursday is our set-up day. Sunday is the pack out day.
Everything is being organized so that participation will be very inexpensive. If funding is a concern, let us know - we really want this event to be accessible to all students.

There are no dishwashers, servers, chef's, or maids. Plan to contribute more than you consume.  

Want to get involved?
- RSVP your plans
- The set-up crew will arrive Thursday late afternoon. Help?
- The pack out crew will return gear to Carmel. Help?
- The kitchen crew will plan vegetarian meals with meat on the side. Help?
- Got any extra camping gear to share?
- Are you good with a camera?

IndianaTaiChi @

McCormick's Creek State Park

250 McCormicks Creek Park Road, Spencer, IN 47460

Please drive out to the Youth Tent area 3 (Map) and drop any gear off. Then you can park in the campground parking lot. 

Indianapolis to McCormicks Creek:

Take I 70 West, towards the airport, and eventually Cloverdale
Take 231 South at Cloverdale (watch your speed - gas stations are available if needed)
Pass Carp Indiana
231 becomes 67 South to Spencer
When 67 turns right at 46 / E Morgan Street in Spencer, turn left (east)
Cross the river
The entrance to the park will sneak up on you on the left - hard left turn
If you get to Hwy 43, you just missed it

Park Map and rules:

Stop at the main gate and pay the entrance fee (one fee per carload)
Bear right at the split (away from the Inn and Rec Center)
Bear left at the next split (away from the Nature Center and Pool)
Stop at the Campground Office ant tell them that you are with Bill Bunting's group in the Youth Camp Area. They will give you a tag for the car and let you in.
Take the third right, thru the gate, up the gravel road, to the Youth Camp area (sign may be hard to see)
Pass the overflow parking area on the right

The Youth Tent Campground Area 3:

The 4 youth tent areas are arranged around a circle. Bear to the right at the split. We are the last area on the right.
Plan to drop off your gear and park in the overflow lot by the dumpsters
We may have the Indiana Tai Chi Banner readily visible

Recommended stuff to bring:

- Your medications & special dietary needs (I.E. Bee sting kit)
- Flashlight and/or lantern
- Bug spray
- Sun screen and hat
- Rain gear
- Several changes of clothes
- Appropriate footwear
- Lawn chair
- Pillow, sheet, & blanket or sleeping bag
- Air or foam mattress or cot (optional - sort of)
- Tent or shelter (or make arrangements ahead of time)
- Mess kit with silverware (a big cup, plate, and tablespoon (no glass/china) are sufficient.)
- Water Bottle or Canteen (critical)
- Toiletries
- Camera (optional)
- Schmog or Bandana
- Bushcraft knife (4 to 6 inch full tang blade preferred)
- Rain is expected - bring tarps

NOTE: Any firearm (except validly licensed handguns) BBgun, air gun, CO2 gun, bow and arrow, or speargun in possession in a state park must be unloaded or un-nocked and stored in a case or locked within a vehicle except when participating in an activity authorized by written permit.
... So, no weapons! Also, no alcohol.

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