Saturday, May 7, 2011

The First Post

This is the First post... a great place to begin reading.
I'll begin by answering the six basic questions (plus one) and go into the introductions later.
Please check back with this page regularly. It will be updated from time to time (I promise).

We have restricted the intake of new students for a time. This was done purposely. It allowed time for our most advances students to make progress on some very technical and advanced aspects of the WuDan TaiChi long form.

Having worked through this phase, we are excited to announce some changes...
We are now accepting new students and can offer more information through more training paths than ever before...
- I am offering training in QiGung and Gi Ben Gung, which are chi and physical exercises. Additionally, these exercises can be rounded out with a short 5 Animal form and the reversed breathing form.
- Assistant Instructor Nate offers an open ended class in the Wudang 28 step form that he learned under Master Yuan while living in the Wudan mountains in China.
- I offer an open ended class in the Wudang 108 step form which I learned from the school owner: Master Bunting (Mr. Bill). The origination of this form, and our lineage, is Great Grand Master Yuen several thousand years ago at the same Wudang temple in China.

I’d like to offer your first two classes for free as an opportunity to experience first-hand what we  do.

TaiChi is an interesting study; one can learn life lessons in addition to strengthening the body and mind in a joint friendly, (even handicap accessible) family friendly class. I find the true challenges are in myself and will continue this path as long as I am able.

Any questions?
We hope to meet you soon.

Instructor Mike

PS: Additional training with Mr. Bill is available by invitation to our advanced students.


The Master and students of the Indiana Tai Chi Acadamy.
This group is comprised of  Mr. Bill, his assistant instructors, students, newcomers, and occasional visitors. All are welcomed.

NOTE: There is no system of rank here. Either we have 'it' or we are getting 'there.' We all continue to improve at our own pace, with each others help, under Mr. Bill and the iinstructors guidance. We do so without competing against each other, or arbitrary skill tests for belts or other accolades.

What: There are several classes offered, some going on at the same time.

1) Instructor Mike offers an authentic Taiji, if not one of the most authentic strains offered in America. His lineage is only four generations removed from the WuDan Mountain (thought to be the birthplace of Taii) in China. He teaches the form, the applications, Qigung, Chi-Na, and more, in a low stress, low joint stress, low aerobic, classroom setting. Students are never struck as a form of discipline or in sparring, however they learn to strike as a part of the form and in the occasional breaking of boards. This is an on-going program with no end date; there will always be more more material to discuss, techniques to learn, and skills to develop.

2) Assistant Instructor Nate offers the Wudang 28 step (short) form that he learned under Master Yuan while living in China.

Where: The address of our school meetings is listed elsewhere in these pages (see the "Class Location" page). Be sure to check the most current posts for (rare) location changes.

When: See the "Class Schedule" page for class schedule details.

Planned special events:
- We have a yearly all-school camp out.
- We have a Chinese New Years celebration.

Keep an eye on these pages for times and dates.

Why: Each of us has a desire to improve our ability to move about. Some of us hope to be able to teach this art form to future generations. Most of us want to improve our physical condition, longevity, and mental outlook. Some want to hang out with a great bunch of people on occasion. Well, OK. we all have our own reasons and Taiji fills them all.

How: Grab some loose fitting clothes, good shoes (some of us prefer bare feet), and be ready to learn.

How much?: There is a minimal donation requested for class which we will discuss when you arrive. First class is free! The instructors will not enter into any agreement of exchanging money for education. Rather, they will teach whom they will and refuse to teach the others.

Instructor: William Buntingbillheadshot.jpg (10180 bytes)
William Bunting is the owner of the school and has been involved with Asian martial arts since 1971. He achieved a black belt rank in Okinawan Karate in 1981; he established a long-standing practice in several forms of Chi-Gong and internal martial arts over his more than 30 years of experience.
Throughout his entire lifetime of learning and teaching, Mr. Bunting had searched for a school where the deep spiritual values and wisdom as well as the physical aspects of genuine Asian martial arts could be preserved. Since most martial arts training in the United States focused on the physical attacking and defending aspects, Mr. Bunting felt that a more holistic approach would be much more beneficial to students. He has founded the Academy in the hopes of promoting the authentic martial arts tradition that emphasizes the entire individual - the internal as well as the external.

Instructor Mike Williams:Mike studied Shorin Rue Karate 30 years ago. Worn out and injured, he began a much more sedate lifestyle. Since over time, the sedate lifestyle is detrimental to ones mental and physical well-being, he pursued and became skilled in Wudang Taiji. This rich background of American, Japanese, and Chinese culture makes a wealth of both martial and life lessons available to students.

About the words Taiji and Tai Chi:
These words have been used interchangeably in the text above and throughout our message boards. The word Taiji (or better: Taiji Quan) is more accurate. Tai Chi is more recognizable to the American public and our purpose here is to make this accessible.


  1. Why does it say under enrollment that classes are by invitation only? Is this the invitation?

  2. We haven't been able to come up the correct wording of that yet. I'll try again: All are welcome to visit and/or participate in their first class (at no charge). If a new student is profane, pushy, disrespectful, etc. their invitation will be revoked.

    This is a wonderful policy! It keeps the class safe and family friendly while admitting serious students.

    I hope that helps.

  3. Hello, I am interested in attending a class. Should only a light snack be consumed before class - I am wondering if it is better to practice on an empty stomach as in yoga ? Thank you. -Laura

  4. Hello and greetings.
    I have been seeking instruction in Taiji for quite some time now. I was wishing to make contact to see if you are accepting new students, and I wish to remain respectful of the parameters you have established. My question then, is how do I contact someone with further inquries? Thank you for your time.

    1. Oops. It sounds like I have not checked recently. I'll look for you there!